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Barley Brothers started out because of one simple vision, "Bringing craft beer to Winnipeg Restaurants". It all started just a couple of years ago, and now the Stadium location features the most taps in Canada. No, that's not a typo. A restaurant and lounge in Winnipeg has the most taps in our wonderful country (you're welcome).

Really, all you need to know is that we have a ton of beer, delicious pub food & you can find nearly any sporting event on in our lounge. 

Now, if you're still reading we're going to go out on the limb and say you're pretty bored. That's why we're going to give you some homework. Join one of our social media networks, then get in your car, grab a menu and start marking off the many beers you'll try while you visit. The goal here is to try them all, whether it be individually, or as a part of our Flights.

There you have it. If you're a fan of beer, food and sports, then come on in and take a seat. We have quite the experience waiting for you.

We ask just one favour. When you see all of the taps for the first time, try not to break out into tears. Our managers have reached their fan boy comfort quota for the year already.