Hell & Damnation


This week we are taking a trip to the Netherlands to visit Brouwerij (Brewery) De Molen.  We are pouring Hel & Verdoemenis, which translates into Hell and Damnation.  This is a Imperial Stout that comes in at 10% alcohol.  The beer pours pitch black with a thin beige head.  I say thin, but it sticks around for most of the beer.  I will admit that we do pour our stouts too cold. 

We can't adjust each tap to a different temperature, so we have to do what we do.  What I tend to do is order a stout and a IPA at the same time, giving the stout time to warm up.  If you don't want to do this, make sure you coddle the snifter through out the beer.  This will also let you see how the beer changes as it warms up.  On the nose, I get chocolate.  Not milk chocolate, bitter sweet chocolate.  Caramel, coffee, and toffee are present, but the chocolate is at the forefront. 

I also get a little fruit, maybe blackberry, maybe cherry.  On the tongue, the bitter sweet chocolate is the first thing you taste.  It tastes more bitter than I expected.  Dark roasted coffee, and maybe even some alcohol.  Brandy, Cognac something along those lines.  It ends pretty alcoholiky, but not hot.  Not burny; very smooth finish.  This flavour lingers and sticks with you.  But the flavour is so good that you want it to stay.  It warms you as you drink it. 

As you get to the bottom of the glass, and the beer warms up, the flavours actually gets bigger.  This ain't no easy drinking session stout. You want to sip this craft beer like the fine beverage it is.  Take your time with this and appreciate the fact that it has traveled all the way from the Netherlands to Winnipeg just for us. 

Stop by either of our Winnipeg restaurants for a pint.