Blood Orange Gose


Hey, sorry about the long time in between blogs, but FIFA kicked our asses, and I didn’t have the time to sit down and put my beer thoughts on page.  That will happen every once in awhile.  Now I’m not saying I didn’t drink some awesome beers while I was taking a break from this, I most certainly did.  I just didn’t tell you about it.  Then came along this GEM that I just need to talk about.  It is the Blood Orange Gose from Anderson Valley.  I just found out that it is actually pronounced GOSE-UH.  Kinda like ghost without the, “T” and an “uh’ at the end.  Even though that means that a lot of the play on words for beer names for this style doesn’t quite make sense.  Look it up, there’s lots of examples like, The Kimmie, The Yink, and the Holy Gose.  Doesn’t quite do it when you add the “uh’ after it.  Anyways so back to what I was talking about.  A Gose, is a salty, sour, kinda funky tasting beer.  It is made with wheat and barley.  It is fermented with yeast and lactic bacteria, and is usually also brewed with salted water.

This style of craft beer isn’t for everyone, but it is wonderful!!!

So Anderson Valley makes a Blood Orange Gose which is bloody fantastic.  Pun intended.

It pours hazy, a medium orange colour.  Light off white head.  I smell tart, acidic, brightness.  The citrus is there, but on top of the obvious blood orange, I’m getting grapefruit, and maybe lemon zest.  There’s an aroma that you get only with these beers and sours.  It’s a funkiness that if you’re not expecting it, will take you aback, but it is wonderful.

When I taste it I get this bright sourness, but it mellowed by this saltiness.  Then you get this sour, funky sweetness that is hard to describe.  It is balanced in a way that you’re not sure why you’re enjoying it, until you keep ordering more.  On top of this, there is the citrus, big lemon, and blood orange flavours, but not over powering.  It finishes dry and clean, leaving the citrus lingering a little.  It also finishes like another is wanted.

Stop by either of our Winnipeg restaurants for a pint.